20 Hilarious pictures of nerds

School and universities are full of nerds. Being a nerd is not a bad thing. Nerds are smart and funny. Besides, they make good friends. In this post, we collected 20 hilarious pictures of nerds that will make you laugh hard. These pictures are ridiculous. Scroll down and take a look.

20 Hilarious pictures of nerds

Super Mario is so charming that it can get nerds some chicks.


That smile shows that this is the first time he stands next to a girl.


Nerds do not like touching girls.


It is normal for nerds to die virgins.


If you can’t get a girlfriend, buy one.


I wonder how much did this cost him?




When you want something that you can never get.


I guess this is his first kiss ever. After that look, it is probably his last kiss too.



Not all nerds can’t get girls.







Nerds become bosses. Bosses get chicks.


I think this is the first time he touches a girl.





There is something wrong in this picture. He truly does not fit in.



He definitely paid for it.


This is how nerds dance with girls.



That is as close as you can ever get to her.

These are the most Hilarious pictures of nerds. These nerds are extremely funny, awkward and weird. I hope they made you laugh.

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