20 Super Funny Cheerleader Fails

We all know that cheerleading is all about beautiful girls encouraging their teams and entertaining the audience. However, sometimes, cheerleaders are caught in very embarrassing situations that they will never forget. In this post, we have rounded up some of these cheerleader fails. These fails are super hilarious.


20 Super Funny Cheerleader Fails

I am not sure whether they are super excited or they have an urgent need to pee.



When you became a cheerleader because of your butt and you feel the need to show your talents.



When you are the only black girl in a white team and you are afraid for your life.



I don’t know how many drinks it took her to make such a face.



They must be in a flow.



Most girls make that face when they meet their ex’s.



When you are the only drunk one in your friends.



They are not worried about falling



I don’t know what they are trying to do but they are definitely doing it wrong.



When you see something you wish you haven’t seen.



Cheerleading is not for everyone.



What is wrong with her finger?




the moment you realize you were not born to be a cheerleader.


The latest training to become a cheerleader.



She is happy she is making everyone else happy.


These are few of the funniest cheerleader fails. These fails are hilarious and amusing. They will definitely make you think twice about becoming a cheerleader.

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