30 funny spelling mistakes

Having kids is a blessing. These little creatures are full of love, passion, and surprises. Besides, they are very funny too. They usually come up with things that we could never think of. For example, they make extremely funny spelling mistakes. We have collected some of these mistakes in this post. Go ahead and take a look at them.

30 funny spelling mistakes

The teacher will be very glad of receiving some penises





You have an extremely weird elephant.


If he wasn’t a kid, he would probably be in jail.



Your parents will be very proud of you.




Stay away from my pies.


We all do dear.


I am sure your dad is good at riding dicks.






Have a good appetite.



That is a reason for pride.


Timmy knows how to keep a good company.


He is such a lucky boy.


He loves his sister.






We have a future Heisenberg.


That is your right.



Smell it, but don’t taste it.


Thank you, your mom will truly appreciate it.



Moms are role models especially when they are strippers. They make a lot of money.




These are some funny spelling mistakes made by kids. These mistakes are extremely hilarious in an innocent way. They prove that children is a blessing. I hope they have entertained you.

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